BSL has a proven track record of excellence in satisfying the corporate banking requirements of renowned market leaders in Lebanon’s business scene across different sectors. Well-known for its professionalism and know-how, BSL has played a significant historical role in promoting the Lebanese economy across the years.
BSL’s edge is evident in our solid mission. Our main goal is to help companies enhance their performance, improve the efficiency of their operations, and reduce risks by offering a wide range of customized solutions that reflect a proactive approach, expertise, and reliability, thus allowing our customer base to expand.

I- Corporate Banking
Here to help you work better
BSL’s savvy Corporate Banking team is ready to work with you to make your business grow. Handling each corporate client individually and studying your case in detail (regardless of business sector, company size and area of operation), BSL provides premium traditional, structured and innovative products and services that optimally fulfill your precise needs and goals in the most cost-effective manner.
Corporate Department
Aiming to serve you better, BSL has a dedicated Corporate Banking team. Because each client is important, we assign a Relationship Manager to handle everything for you and act as your personal liaison at the bank.
Corporate Banking Products and Services
BSL caters to diverse needs via personalized and cutting-edge services created especially for our esteemed clientele. With competitive rates, a relationship of trust and innovation, BSL builds solid long-term partnerships with its clients. The main basis of our products include the following:
Relationship Banking
At the heart of our strategy, this ensures you enjoy banking with BSL. Relationship Banking covers:
  • Evaluating, analyzing and having insight into customer needs.
  • Giving relevant, personalized advice that answer your real business concerns.
  • Guiding and assisting you to find practical financial solutions for any business issues.
  • Providing immediate contact with a human touch.

Product Range
Lending and Credit Extension / Term and Project Financing
(Overdrafts, bills discounting, cash flow financing and more)
BSL offers flexible corporate banking options because we want your business to go further. Focusing on your exact requirements and circumstance, we can provide a personalized lending structure, advances to your current account, different loans, and facilities for bills discounted, bills for collection and advances against bills in guarantee. Your Relationship Manager is ready to create a flexible program designed to fulfill your financing needs.
Trade Finance and Bonding Facilities
Trade Finance is simple and less risky when you have a reliable expert, like BSL. Today’s economic landscape is full of difficulties and rapid evolution. This is where our services step in, covering the full scope of trade related needs, from documentary credits and collections to trade guarantees and more, regardless of how intricate.
Treasury Services / Financial Advisory
BSL offers you an optimal low-risk currency exposure structure tailored to fit your needs. Working closely with different departments to guarantee you get the best advice, BSL assists you with borrowing structures, balance sheet structure and foreign exchange.
Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering and Structured Products
Providing you with complex yet effective structured finance deals for alternative sources for liquidity and other services, BSL makes overcoming challenges easier.
II- Lending to SME’s
BSL also supports small and medium enterprises (SME) with rapid services and facilities such as tailored-made finance and commercial lending services that meet international business standards. Promptly offering the best advice, a trusted helping hand and optimal solutions, BSL means fast, unparalleled financial services to all businesses.