Rooted in tradition… evolving into the future
BSL mission is to offer its customers a comprehensive range of banking products and services throughout its network of branches via skilled and well-trained personnel who remain vigilant and committed to the ethics of banking and the best interests of each client.
Our beliefs and values, drawn from our history and banking traditions are expressed around the themes of quality banking services.
By maintaining its traditional
values and developing extensive banking experience, BSL merges durability, strength and evolution. Over the years, the bank remained a solid and prestigious banking institution, dedicated to professionalism and financial expertise that offers superior banking services, which optimally suit its environment and the needs of its clientele.
From one generation to the next BSL has steered a clear path through many changes and challenges, ever grounded in its original mission while focusing on the future.
In this spirit, BSL made a strategic decision in 2004 to dynamically restructure its organization to buttress itself against potential adverse trends in the domestic market and to best address the change in customer’s needs and expectations.
Consequently BSL has reinforced its market presence and expanded its range of products and services to optimally cover major activities while catering to its customers’ growing requirements. Ever client-focused, the long tradition of excellent service is the driving force behind BSL’s ambition to continuously develop and add value to its customers.

Commitment to tradition and Lebanese coexistence
BSL is a financial institution committed to the core values of courtesy, customs and traditions. These core values are central to respecting and valuing clients.
Because BSL wants the best for its clients, the bank actively strives to provide our customer base of all the services through high-quality financial institution with significant financial strength and stability, while upholding coexistence and tradition. We are on an ongoing quest to keep the standardization of quality assets in particular at branches’ level.

Preserving a reputation that instills clients’ pride
BSL is in a strong position to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead through a clear understanding that the bank’s growth should not be reached at the expense of its financial standing. The management ensures the implementation of strict controlled procedures, pursuing a policy of growth and profitability within the context of adequate risk coverage.
BSL adheres to a transparent communication policy and strives to maintain a positive and proactive work environment. The bank policy is to facilitate client interaction with its personnel and to deliver fast and efficient services by simplifying operations and transactions in a professional context.

Serving clients’ best interests
BSL’s primary concern is to retain quality customer service through its commitment to provide financial expertise to customers in addition to a large choice of banking products.
In this respect the bank’s staff members undergo continuous training to acquire up-to-date practical knowledge of banking products and services and be empowered to dispense informed financial advice, in order to clearly identify risk areas (if any) pertaining to each product and ultimately guide customers to appropriate financial choices. BSL staff members are instructed to avoid the suggestion and/or sale of a service or product that is not in-line with the client’s interests or that entails a risk dimension the client is not aware of, even if the promotion and use of such product lies within the commercial objectives of the bank.

Effective quality and services for clients
The bank offers a complete range of products that respond to the evolving needs of a sophisticated clientele. Strict quality management practices and control policies are enforced to ensure that all services and products are executed and delivered in a superior manner, safeguarding the clients’ time and energy, and ensuring efficient banking experiences.
BSL bolsters quality by collecting information on the evolution of capital markets, commercial markets and the economic and political conditions and spreading information among the concerned departments. The information is thus processed at various levels, maximizing management awareness on the risk exposure. Policies and procedures are regularly revised at all levels in order to ensure computability with the laws and regulations in force, and eliminate unnecessary banking steps and wasteful administrative paperwork.

Team spirit that builds success
We believe in our team and its potential as a driving force towards client satisfaction and strong financial performance. The bank instills its core values and culture to make each individual come together as an efficient team member.
The bank is committed to a fair and rewarding remuneration policy that reinforces employees’ sense of belonging to the institution and fosters their desire to evolve and excel in the industry. The adoption of career paths provides opportunities for professional development and growth and disseminates a spirit of positive competition.

Helping businesses perform better
BSL integrates the dimension of profitability in all the bank’s activities. A feasibility study is always conducted for every new activity; guaranteeing conformity with the required profitability criteria of the bank assets and return on equity. Profitability calculations are made on various levels: client, product and department. The profitability approach amongst our middle management ensures abidance of this concept. BSL refuses the involvement in, or the maintenance of, a non-profitable activity, unless valid justification is presented to show the strategic dimension and/or contribution to the general objectives of the bank.

Giving back to the community, promoting culture and creativity
BSL seeks to be of service and in touch with the community. The bank participates in various creative, social and sports’ events considered as an extension of warm and friendly Lebanese traditions. BSL proposes exclusive products and services that cater to the needs of young talents, helping them finance their projects and achieve their goals. BSL’s support to the youth is evident at universities and schools.
BSL succeeds in this initiative by being an active participant in many events, while showcasing its image and values. BSL also encourages youth creativity in cultural and professional domains, engaging in profitable projects having a financial and economic impact.