Board of Directors Mr. Ramsay El Khoury Chairman 
Mrs. Mia El-Khoury Ayoub
S.E. Joseph Chaoul
Me. Michel Tueini
Mr. Henri Nashawati
Mr. Riad Mansour
Mr. Youssef Ghosn
Mr. Elie Chartouny

Legal Counselor Me. Joseph Naim

   General Manager

Mr. Elias Alouf
Deputy General Manager Mr. Nicolas Saliby

Mr. Negib Kasis                   Chief Administration Officer

Mrs. Huguette Rayess        Head of Credit   

Mr. Antoine Daoud              Head of Accounting

Mr. Charbel Watfa               Head of Financial Control

Mrs. Maya Azzi                    Head of Treasury and Capital Markets 

Mr.  Kamal Abi Fadel          Head of Commercial

Mr. Ibrahim Bassil              Head of Branches Network 

                                               and Operations    

Mr. Fady Abou Diwan        Head of Risk and Compliance