Customer satisfaction remains one of the critical success factors for BSL. In this spirit, we strive to enhance BSL customers’ experience at the branch level by offering them differentiated services and delivering a gratifying sense of exclusivity.
Our services and products cover the full spectrum of retail customers’ individual needs including current and savings accounts; credit and debit cards; bills domiciliation; personal, car, and housing loans; and much more. The set-up of BSL branches provide staff with interactive and immediate access to customer and product information; and employees are trained to offer and follow-up retail banking services using the most professional and transparent approach.
BSL’s trusted staff members are ready to discuss what is truly best for your current needs and future plans, offering you tailored services, products and solutions. BSL focuses on rapid service and convenience, stressing on a personalized approach that builds a solid relationship of banking excellence with our clients.
Our extensive network of branches means BSL is ready to serve you, wherever you are in Lebanon. At every branch, BSL’s professional team welcomes customers, catering to individual needs and offering the most suitable assistance.