BSL BANK presents you with a practical way to finance your education, opening the path to a bright future career. Unlike other programs, our new Educational Loan is packed with benefits such as access to lower interest rates on loans, higher rates on savings, and special card fees. As an educational loan beneficiary you will also benefit from preferential rates on BSL’s Car Loan, PC Loan, and Personal Loan. With BSL investing in your education, you can advance with confidence towards a successful future.

Educational Features

  Use Provides viable means to afford paying for higher education tuition fees in Lebanon and abroad (2nd year of university and above)
  Designed For Students or employees pursuing a higher education
Loan Period Term loan repaid over 10 years maximum, through equal monthly installments
The first payment starts one year after graduation
Interest Rate 3%
Conditions / Eligibility Applicant should be a Lebanese national for over 10 years.
Letter of acceptance from the educational institution that also clearly states the annual tuition fees
Edge Enables students and employees to fulfill their educational goals without worrying about finances or inaccessible scholarships
Fast loan approval and easy repayment plan
Benefits As an educational loan beneficiary you have access to: 
Preferential interest rate on savings account 
Special card price 
Special interest rate on BSL’s Car Loan, PC Loan and Personal Loan

How much can you get?


1 year

10 years

Your Monthly payment:


Numbers of payments:

0 Months

Interest rate: 3.0%

You will be paying LBP per month, from the time you receive the loan, until 1 year after your graduation. After that you will pay the loan as per the above results.

These numbers are for simulations and do not have any obligations towards BSL BANK. The numbers might not be 100% accurate