Interest rate (degressive) 9.99%
Grace period No grace period
Application fee LBP 225,000
Penalty for delay 2% flat per month per bill
Minimum USD 5 per month per bill
Commission No commission
Stamp fee  LBP 10,000 per year  on  the contract
1.5‰ on schedule of payment taken only once
 Additional Guarantee Case by case 
Life Insurance Mandatory

Terms and Condition

Minimum Age 21 years old
Maximum Age 64 years old (at maturity of the loan)
Minimum Income LBP 3,000,000 for confirmed employees 
LBP 3,750,000  for self-employed
NSSF Required for confirmed  employees
Salary domiciliation For BSL BANK clients: domiciliation of salary
For non-BSL BANK clients: automatic  transfer letter
Resident Residents only (excluding expatriates)
Currency LBP
Minimum Loan Amount LBP 30,000,000
Maximum Loan Amount LBP 75,000,000
Duration of the loan Between 1 and  6 years


  • Be employed for more than 1 year or self-employed for more than 2 years (with at least 2 years of  profit)
  • Lebanese citizen
  • Open a current account at BSL Bank
  • Annual percentage rate APR: 10.66%

How much can you get?





1 year

6 years

Your Monthly payment:


Number of payments:

0 Months

Interest Rate: 9.99%

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